Saturday 7th January: (mostly) Salt Beach

We set off early down to the beach this morning, determined to get some serious sun and sea time, only to be met by a sign “Beware bluebottles”.

We decided this was probably not a typical UK warning against houseflies and a quick Google confirmed we were correct. A bluebottle in this context is a Portuguese Man O’War. Not exactly a jellyfish, but still a vicious stinger.

So, no swimming (in the admittedly rough) sea and there was enough wind to make lying on the beach less attractive.

It turned out that further down the beach, however, was a table and several chairs set up by a family in memory of loved one who had enjoyed the beach. This turned out to be a pleasant place to while away since time, watching the sea and occasional kite surfers.


This afternoon was low key, with a visit to the local town of Tweed Heads (the most exciting thing about this to report being that I finally managed to replace the sandals I broke in Melbourne), followed by a visit to Cudgen Lake (lovely, but I only remembered to take a couple of photos:

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