Sunday 8th January: to Byron Bay and back

I’m a complete sucker for sunrises and sunsets, so got up this morning at 5.30 to wander down to the beach to take some photos.
Sadly, there was a block of cloud in front of the sun, but I did get a few nice photos anyway:

We decided to take a trip to Byron Bay today, around 25 miles down the coast from where we’re staying. It’s a town known for attracting surfers and a bit of a hippy crowd. Today, it also attracted hundreds of tourists.

This rather impacted on our plans to visit the lighthouse and the most Easterly point in Australia. In the end, we managed to drive up to the lighthouse, grab a quick picture and drive down again, as there was no chance of parking.

On the plus side, we drive down and back through some gorgeous countryside. We also stopped on the way back at New Brighton beach, where there were loads of sand crabs, a couple of whom were kind enough to pose for me ☺️

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