Friday 6th January: Salt Beach

So… yesterday I shared the view from our apartment out towards the ocean, with the pool in the foreground.

Turns out this is a very family-focused resort where people start in the pool quite early. And we were above the area where al fresco breakfast is served. Oh, and on top of that, just below us was also the very echoey space where teenage boys gathered to play table tennis. Loudly.

Not very relaxing.

Fortunately, we managed to arrange to get another room. On the outside edge of the resort. No ocean view, but we can see a nearby mountain which is sacred to the local Aboriginal nations.

Much more relaxing.

So much so that, apart from a quick trip into the local town of Kings cliff, we have just chilled in the sunshine on the balcony or in the apartment today.

No photos today, I’m afraid.

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