Tuesday 13th December: Wine cruise on the river

Today was a lovely day. We took “Perth’s Famous Wine Cruise” up the Swan River to the Swan Valley.
The trip up the river took about 2 ¾ hours, during which we not only got to enjoy the views – many open countryside parts interspersed with groups of housing (as well as a newly-built 70,000 seater stadium and a huge casino complex) – but were also introduced to wine tasting. This involved using the five Ss (stem, see, swirl, smell and sip) on four local wine samples.
On arriving at the Sandalford Winery, we were taken on a tour before more wine tasting (three white, two reds and a rosé) before a very pleasant two-course lunch and (unsurprisingly) some more wine tasting (a couple of dessert wines).
The journey back along the winding river was accompanied by free wine (Rob and I were fairly restrained!) and one of the crew singing (and encouraging us to join in) for the last part of the trip.
An absolute highlight was the dolphins swimming alongside us for past of the journey back.
It was a long, but fun day ☺

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