Friday 28th November: Sydney (and then leaving…)

I woke up pretty early this morning so went for a walk across the Harbour Bridge again. The weather was sunnier today, so got some different photos and enjoyed seeing the harbour from above.
We spent some time this morning exploring the CBD a bit more (and yes, doing a bit of final shopping). We then headed down to the Royal Botanical Gardens (site of the original landing and first colony farm) for a sit in the sun with some great views across the harbour.
After this, we headed to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, a spot where the wife of an early governor used to enjoy visiting and where there is a lovely view (and photo opp) back towards the city, plus the Opera House framed by the Harbour Bridge.
I’m writing this at Sydney Airport – we’ll be flying out later this evening. We have a 14.5 hour flight to Dubai, a couple of hours to interchange and then another 8 hours back to Manchester getting us in on Saturday morning.
Feeling very sad to be leaving Australia, as we’ve had an amazing time here. I’ll probably write a ‘rounding off’ post in a couple of days.


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