Wednesday 7th December – Setting off day.

So far, we’ve sat in departures at Manchester Airport for a couple of hours, had a quick flight to Heathrow, transferred between terminals (the airport really is huge) and… sat in the departure lounge for a few hours. 😕
Next flight is to Hong Kong and then on to Perth, arriving late Thursday evening local time.
And then the adventures can start!



Friday 9th December – Scarborough, Perth

It’s been a quiet day today. We got up late because of catching up on jet lag. We had a lazy brunch at an eclectic cafe, followed by a mooch down to the beach. Although the temperature was up to around 36C today, it didn’t feel too bad as there was a good sea breeze.
We returned to the hotel for a while before heading back to the beach to paddle in the Indian Ocean, walk along the sand and watch the sunset.

Saturday 10th December – Fremantle and Cottesloe

Spent a lovely day with a couple of friends, Kya and Bron, who I haven’t seen for years since they moved back from the UK to Australia.
We started off with a wander on Cottesloe beach before heading into Fremantle, Perth’s historic port. The afternoon consisted of exploring the city, including the Roundhouse and the markets, along with a long lazy lunch overlooking the sea.
We’re took another stroll in a beach, Leighton Beach in North Fremantle on the way back.
Lovely to catch up with friends as well as explore an older post of the Perth region.