Thursday 12th January: beginning the journey home

I couldn’t resist one last sunrise this morning. Personally, I think it was the best I’d seen (

We took a detour along the River Tweed (no, not that one!) ( on our way to Gold Coast airport.

It’s going to be a long-winded journey. We flew out of Gold Coast at 2pm (by the way, it wins the award for ‘Airport most resembling a UK motorway services’ –, arriving at Sydney’s domestic terminal around 4.45 (not as long as it sounds: Gold Coast/Queensland don’t use daylight savings time, so we ‘lost’ an hour on the flight down).

We had to get from the domestic to international terminals (on opposite sides of the runway) and then find that our airline check in didn’t open till 3 ½ hours before the flight, giving us quite a while to wait before we could even check in, let alone get through Australia’s complicated border and security processes.

We board our flight to Hong Kong in around an hour.

Our return itinerary from here:
dep Sydney 2220 Thurs (1120 Thurs GMT)
arrive Hong Kong 0500 Fri (2100 Thurs GMT)
dep Hong Kong 0940 Fri (0140 Fri GMT)
arrive London 1500 Friday
dep London 1950
arrive Manchester 2050

So… Not only long flights, but annoyingly long gaps between (unfortunately, flight times changed after we booked!.

Ah well, the price to pay for a brilliant five weeks exploring parts of Australia!

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