Thursday 27th November: Sydney

I got up early again for a walk by the harbour and round to Farm Cove to get a different view.
Once we both set off later, we decided to view Sydney from a different angle, namely using public transport.
We started by train, choosing to take a train which went over the Harbour Bridge and heading up into the north Sydney suburbs. This gave us a chance to ride on a double-decker train (and for me to admire the seats, whose back can be tilted so they face either way). We spent a little while exploring the town of Hornsby (some of the streets were quite Ramsay Street).
After heading back into Sydney (and having a little break), we then used the light rail (tram) line, which is fairly new, to explore in a different direction.
This evening we headed into the Oxford Street area before walking back through some of the ’ Christmas lights turn on’ events.
It still feels odd seeing and hearing Christmas stuff when it’s been so warm (although today we had intermittent drizzle and the temperature only touched 20 degrees).

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